English as a global language

Job opportunities for students/ job hunters in the English speaking countries: “World divided by boundaries and united with English”. In past few decades English has transformed the world with 195 countries into a global village. It has not only played a very essential role in enhancing the inter countries’ economic relationships, promoting globalization, and trade, but also […]

Language Bus – Shorten your distance to a dream

Dear students, Greetings from language bus!!!! We are privileged to be a part of the language bus family, which has always been a successful bridge for aspirants dreaming to fly overseas, pursuing their dreams. Competition has become neck locked in this past few decades, as infinite applicants across the globe apply for transatlantic education and jobs, and […]

Why English is a smart investment?

Why learning English is the smartest investment you can make? Learning a language is like learning to salsa dance. It is so much easier when you start young. It does not mean you can’t start late but learning a language or dancing or playing golf becomes so much easier when you build that muscle memory […]

TIPS to achieve 7+ in IELTS

TIPS TO SCORE 7+ Bands in listening exam: The listening section of IELTS is one of the most score gaining portion, compared to the other modules. The chances of scoring maximum of is listening can change the entire score-card. Here’s some basic tips to excel. The best listeners are engaged with whatever they are listening […]

Top 3 tricks for a higher IELTS Score

How to get a higher IELTS score: Tip #1: Use the IELTS structure to your advantage: On the Listening test at the end of section 1, instead of checking your answers when the recording tells you to do it, go straight to section 2 questions and start reading them. You will still have time to check […]

10 Tips for IELTS Success

Getting ready for the IELTS exam can be a daunting experience. Whether it is to help you get into university, improve your job prospects or as a personal challenge, our Academic Team has the expertise to help you succeed. We have put together ten tips that will help you maximise your potential and make this […]

Best books for IELTS Preparation

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is such a famous and reputed test worldwide that it does not require any introduction. Each year approximately 2.7 million candidates appear for the test, to get certified on their proficiency of all forms of the English knowledge. Though candidates accumulate tons of free to download […]