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English as a global language

Job opportunities for students/ job hunters in the English speaking countries:

“World divided by boundaries and united with English”.

In past few decades English has transformed the world with 195 countries into a global village. It has not only played a very essential role in enhancing the inter countries’ economic relationships, promoting globalization, and trade, but also has fastened up the number of migrants travelling across nations as a tourist, students or as job aspirants.

Predominantly, among these explorers the percentage of students and job seekers are approximately 75%, especially from the south Asian countries, like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Nepal. Mostly the prime place of interest for the above mentioned nationals are UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the states.

To go with figures about 15% of the total fascinated folks fly to UK, 25% to Australia & New Zealand 60% to Canada and 3% to USA in this current year.

It has always been a question as to why these countries are so popular in witnessing foreigners each year as students/job hunters. The probable reason figured out was the language. The common feature among these countries, apart from its ever accelerating economy is the common language they speak English, albeit with varied accents.

This dialect has the power to attract so many nationalities into one nutshell. People(especially Asian) moving to English speaking, fall on the merits side more than demerits side-which could be a freezing temperature, whereas, the advantages are :

  • As Asian are well versed in English, since their school day, for Asian travellers it is easy to communicate to the localities, convey their messages/ needs to any one during the time of need, unlike using sign languages if one is alien to the language.
  • One need not fear from getting lost or misled as they can understand the tongue spoken by the natives.
  • Equality in availing opportunities with the locality at school, universities, and work place as the barrier of language is null.

But the fact which is needed to be brought into limelight is that if so many populations migrate to these limited 5 countries out of 195 countries, then there might be a severe job scarcity in these lands. But as being optimistic is what one needs to be until they achieve what they want to, until that time he/she could land into any different jobs to meet their expenses and also their visas.

The different types of works on could prefer doing in these countries as a part time or temporary are:

  • Well this one is most commonly adopted by many. Working as a waiter/waitress, hotel staffs.
  • Working as receptionist or in any back office work.
  • As a store in charge or any mall, shops etc.
  • One can also work in as a content writer, blog writer for their local websites and magazine.

And so on and so forth; Life always comes with surprises and blessings to the one who shows the
capacity to excel under any circumstances.

– by Jacklin M Anthony


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