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Why English is a smart investment?

Why learning English is the smartest investment you can make?

Learning a language is like learning to salsa dance. It is so much easier when you start young.
It does not mean you can’t start late but learning a language or dancing or playing golf becomes
so much easier when you build that muscle memory from a younger age.

It is believed that, English the global language will never leave you hungry or jobless. It can always be the bread and butter to you throughout your life. The question lies how and when. It is believed that the investment parents do is to make their kids learn English.

The advantages are…
1. One who is master in English can opt for blog writer as your profession which is a good way to learn these days
2. English home tuitions are one of the most demanding profession.
3. Translators jobs is one of the most fascinating jobs, if travelling suits your interest.
4. An off course settling to English speaking nation (USA, Australia, UK, Canada) is again easy for you.

So, the question lies is how well are you in speaking English and how wisely you use it to build your career from it.

by Jacklin M Anthony @ Language bus


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