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Language Bus – Shorten your distance to a dream

Dear students,

Greetings from language bus!!!!

We are privileged to be a part of the language bus family, which has always been a successful bridge for aspirants dreaming to fly overseas, pursuing their dreams.

Competition has become neck locked in this past few decades, as infinite applicants across the globe apply for transatlantic education and jobs, and as always, the best deserves the chance. So, to select the best and to emphasize a language, IELTS was introduced as a judging factor, for everyone who desire nothing else but to fly.

As we all know that “ENGLISH” has been universally accepted as an international language, and communication is biggest tool and blessing for mankind’s survival. Good command in English, with correct grammar and vocabulary, is a complete kit for a presentable personality not only in any exam but also to face life long interviews and clients.

IELTS is a complete package of judgement for a person’s skill in English in all the aspects of communication. It includes 4 judging areas, Reading- where the examinee has to read and understand the passages and answer the related question. Listening- one must listen the audio played and answer the following question given. Writing- Has task 1 and task 2 depending on candidates’ profile, if enrolled for academic (aspiring to study overseas) task 1
would be report writing and task 2 is essay writing. Whereas, if enrolled for general (candidates looking for overseas jobs), task 1 is letter writing and task 2 is essay writing. Final part is speaking- here some general question about the candidate’s profile and other general questions are asked.

As IELTS, is the judge for the examinee, then language bus is the guide for the same to bridge this gap and pave way to success. Language bus Faculties makes sure to polish you in all the spheres each day with regular practise and mock tests. Mastering in the rules of English grammar, which is beneficial throughout your life not only to clear the exam. Finally, we also focus on personality development as, the first positive impression of your personality can give you a kick start to a mesmerizing future.

So, if you are one who is dreaming to make it big, then its high time to transform your dream to reality.

Good luck!!!


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