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Prepare for your IELTS like a pro!

You may be a new comer just introducing yourself into the world of overseas education, converting your dream into reality or you might be one those individual, exhausted after trying 4-5 times to qualify your IELTS with the desired band.

Many promising academies/ trainers would have given you many tips and techniques, but just to brush
up many tips all familiar to many. Here are some quick 10 success mantra.

  1. Foremost understand which level of English do you have (which includes grammar) and then upgrade the level of language
  2. Don’t spend too much time on learning grammar, it will consume most of your time and gradually your interest to practice for IELTS will decline.
  3. Don’t focus on learning complex or extra ordinary synonyms from dictionary or internet. It is absolutely OK to have a normal or a good vocabulary.
  4. Practice each module every day without skipping any.
  5. IELTS is all about time, follow a strict and fixed time.
  6. Try to assign 15 minutes for each passage in reading section that makes 45 minutes for all the 3 passage. The remaining 15 minutes could be used for checking the answers and even completing the incomplete question
  7. Try to record your sound while speaking, and hear them, this is the best way of self-correction.
  8. Practice writing all the types of essays and make sure you satisfy all the criteria (TA, GRA, LR, CC)
  9. Try to read/ watch news to get ideas about our surrounding, which is beneficial as you will get points for writing and speaking section.
  10. And stay confident and never give up!!

– by Jacklin M Anthony


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