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Master English – top 10 tips 

English the lingua franca of the world. It not only boundaries itself as a mode of communication but is also the prime backbone of education stretching from science to tourism and arts. When English becomes the prime demand then mastering in English not only becomes our requirement but actually tops our list of priority.

The top 10 guide which is a quick outlook to achieve perfection in English;

  1. Talk without fear of making mistake- ward off the phobia of communication it’s always necessary
    carry a carefree attitude. Talk in English as if no one is looking at you.
  2. Get a quick grasp of the basics of grammar which can help you to construct the sentences. But don’t
    spend too much time on learning all the grammar. Eventually, with time and speaking, learning will
    take place.
  3. Be inquisitive, it is always good to ask question to learn more
  4. Read a lot of English books, maybe initially start with the simple books then move forward to
    international books.
  5. Maintain a mini diary/ notepad. Register all the new words you come across while reading not only
    books but any kind of text you come across with new words like a poster or magazine.
  6. Indulge yourself with good collection of English movies. Maybe initially watch with subtitles until
    you get familiarized with the accents and sound. Later watch without the help of subtitles.
  7. Talk to yourself loudly repeat the words/ phrases continuously
  8. Try to think every sentences in English make your brain adapt to speak in English. Avoid translating
    sentences from your native language to English, it often leads to mistakes.
  9. Assign time and task for yourself while learning English, avoid doing monotonous practices. Try to do
    every day some interesting activities so that you don’t get bored.
  10. Finally, after all of that hard work, take a break and restart fresh again continuing to learn with all
    dedication and passion.

– by Jacklin M Anthony


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