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How to speak Shakespearean English like a pro?

Shakespearean English is one of the most fascinated and looked up dreams for most of the convent students, especially while studying the great Sir William Shakespearean’s N-number of novels and plays, during school. Even though everything seemed “Greek to them”(quote from the play Julius Caesar) nevertheless every student at least once gave a try to imitate the accent and language actually spoken in the play.

With growing time, people’s love over language and art grew, especially in this past decade- tremendous efforts were made in the area of linguistics to learn various foreign languages creating this world a “global village”. It was statistically observed that along with French, German, Spanish etc., the interest for learning Shakespearean English was much higher in number. Therefore this blog helps you out to learn the methods on how to excel in speaking the “Shakespearean English”

Before starting with the tips it is very essential to know about what is a Shakespearean English- Between the year 1100 to about 1500 Middle English was spoken and written in England. Middle English was the descendant old English and ancestor of modern English.

To master in any skill the key essence is practice with never give up attitude. Here are few well-researched skills practiced by many of the aspirants.

  1. Read Shakespeare’s works- to get the feel of Shakespearean English, read some of his plays and sonnets. The language might seem dense at the beginning but it get eventually simplified upon constant read.
  2. Watch a live performance of Shakespeare play- it is always believed that things that we see pertains in our memory forever, it’s always the visual intellect that dominates our mind than whatever we hear. Therefore, it is always advised to watch a Shakespeare play conducted in or around your city, what if there is no play conducted? Ahh! Then embrace yourself for your internet connection and YouTube. There are lots of movies and play on his novel enacted, which is no less than the watching live play.
  3. Talk to yourself and recite lines from Shakespeare play- it might sound really weird at the beginning when you recite lines but with time its ensured that you will become perfect.
  4. Have a conversation with your friend or family member in middle English language- until and less your pal or family folk don’t make fun of you and understand/support your interest on learning language. Indulge them in this activity and keep practicing along with them.
  5. Conduct/participate in play at home or college/school- it creates an ink impression in your brain if everything is enacted, just like the way you still remember any movie story, even the ones that was watched years before. If you are school/college goer then it would be great to conduct a skit at any school/college function, if not in any family occasions.

Though these technique seems common but it foundation lays in only mere practicing to excel in something.

– by Jacklin M Anthony


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