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ENGLISH seems IMPOSSIBLE until its done

A wise man well said that “The limits of my language are the limits of my world” and English bridges the gap of your world, helping you to spread out your wings of dream and conquer what your mind and soul gives you the imprimatur to achieve.

Many undying websites, many potential guides pontificate to just exhaust our time on practicing and endlessly practicing, but have you ever thought whether this idea deserves action or not?

What if I say that your actions were much wasted in a wrong way rather it could have been utilized in a better innovative way. This article purely conveys and speaks out loud about how and why a common man should learn English? Why should you and I compromise with our native language and emphasize more on learning a foreign language-English?. Here I have executed a very small effort to answer all this undying questions buried in our heart for years.

The first and foremost question – Why learn English?

In our day to day life we often ask ourselves or come across someone with in-depth feeling yet unheard, unsolved about why prioritize English so much? Even every nationalist would feel the same when an foreign language is given more importance than their own language, which would be actually way more ancient and influential. There could be N number of reasons and explanations, and many of them are just known therefore, not wasting my time to rewind them all, rather focusing on some highlighted tips of success. All I could say to personify and justify about “why English?” is making this world a “Global village”, uniting the all the nations in all forms (economical and social), one tongue was needed and English grabbed the 1st position. Now it’s impossible to rewind and reset the world and its norms, therefore I decided to focus on the 2nd part of the question on how to learn English by putting some ordinary efforts to obtain some extraordinary results.

With some of my personal experience and various real life research I would like to share some of the  highlighted attitude one must  possess to excel in any learning.

  • Attitude 1: Just admire, embrace and fall for it-this is like the seed of desire you soak in your mind to start learning any language with in
  • Attitude 2: Be a good observant– observe your friends or any wanderer communicating in English
  • Attitude 3: keen on words– Carry a notepad wherever you go, have a habit of observing roadside posters or anybody speaking something which seems out of the box for you. Note them down, find its meaning and try to incorporate them while communicating
  • Attitude 4: Be a writer first and a reader later– often it is advised to read and read more then start writing, this seems to be quite impractical and orthodox. The real practice is actually in reverse form, simply write whatever you can, refer to dictionary, online websites for correction, while you do so, you eventually end up reading and learning more English.
  • Attitude 5: Let your mirror be your best friend– practice to speak in English in front of the mirror, work on your body language, personality. As it is always believed your personality reflect more about you than few piles of paper which personifies you.
  • Attitude 6: The golden 60 minuteschaotic life where 24 hours of the day passes away in a blink of our eye, I suggest you to still set apart that 60 minute out 1440 minutes. Spend this time to embrace and love the language, be optimist, inquisitive and enthusiastic . execute all the roles of a teacher and student that you can and just correct and learn with an ease.

– by Jacklin M Anthony


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