How to use Flow chart technique in IELTS Listening.

Among the four modules of IELTS, Listening is always the most loved among candidates. As they feel it is easy to solve and score. Having a very simple pattern of question where one has to hear the complete conversation or speech and fill in the incomplete part of the conversation in the question paper. Even […]

Prepare for your IELTS like a pro!

You may be a new comer just introducing yourself into the world of overseas education, converting your dream into reality or you might be one those individual, exhausted after trying 4-5 times to qualify your IELTS with the desired band. Many promising academies/ trainers would have given you many tips and techniques, but just to brush up […]

Master English – top 10 tips 

English the lingua franca of the world. It not only boundaries itself as a mode of communication but is also the prime backbone of education stretching from science to tourism and arts. When English becomes the prime demand then mastering in English not only becomes our requirement but actually tops our list of priority. The top 10 guide […]

How to speak Shakespearean English like a pro?

Shakespearean English is one of the most fascinated and looked up dreams for most of the convent students, especially while studying the great Sir William Shakespearean’s N-number of novels and plays, during school. Even though everything seemed “Greek to them”(quote from the play Julius Caesar) nevertheless every student at least once gave a try to imitate the accent […]

Score more with these professional IELTS techniques.

The term “ocean of ideas” would seem confined if I talk about the topic “ideas to succeed in IELTS”. IELTS is one of those professional exam which is gaining its popularity against the speed of the speedometer. Everyday so many new academy erupts with promising ideas and techniques but if we actually analyze the core idea for all […]

ENGLISH seems IMPOSSIBLE until its done

A wise man well said that “The limits of my language are the limits of my world” and English bridges the gap of your world, helping you to spread out your wings of dream and conquer what your mind and soul gives you the imprimatur to achieve. Many undying websites, many potential guides pontificate to […]

English as a global language

Job opportunities for students/ job hunters in the English speaking countries: “World divided by boundaries and united with English”. In past few decades English has transformed the world with 195 countries into a global village. It has not only played a very essential role in enhancing the inter countries’ economic relationships, promoting globalization, and trade, but also […]

Language Bus – Shorten your distance to a dream

Dear students, Greetings from language bus!!!! We are privileged to be a part of the language bus family, which has always been a successful bridge for aspirants dreaming to fly overseas, pursuing their dreams. Competition has become neck locked in this past few decades, as infinite applicants across the globe apply for transatlantic education and jobs, and […]